ezero1 - On Demand Fuel Additive System

Hydrogen fuel additive system

Increases fuel efficiency by up to 25%

Reduces engine emissions by up to 80%

Keeps DPFs clean

Saves money on motoring costs

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ezero1 - On Demand Fuel Additive System

Meet the ezero1

The ezero1 produces small amounts of hydrogen on demand whilst you're driving. The hydrogen is fed into the air intake of your vehicle's engine where it mixes with the petrol or diesel and creates a cooler more efficient burn. It's best to regard the ezero1 as a fuel additive system, the additive being small amounts of very pure, very powerful hydrogen. The benefits of this small amount of hydrogen added during the combustion cycle is threefold...

Increased MPG

It burns almost all the fossil fuel, hence little waste and the engine requires less fuel to achieve the same power output.

Reduced Emissions

The burn process also eliminates nearly all the particulate matter, and reduces the emissions by up to 80%

Cleaner DPFs

As a result of the significantly lower emissions and particulates on diesel engines, DPFs are cleaner and don't block!

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Add a little hydrogen, Go a long way...

How it works

The ezero1 is an 'on demand' Hydrogen electrolyzer that adds hydrogen to your regular fuel/air mixture. This results in a 5x faster, cooler burn which eliminates almost all waste gases and provides better fuel economy.

Produce Hydrogen

The box creates a small amount of very pure, very powerful hydrogen from our special water.
Hydrogen, Fuel, Air Mixture

Hydrogen is sucked into the engine through the air intake along with your regular fuel/air mixture.
Burn Hydrogen, fuel and air

The resulting Hydrogen-Fuel-Air mixture burns faster and more completely than your ordinal fuel-air mixture.
Reduce Emissions

Nearly all the particulates and polluting gases are burnt off, reducing emissions.

Emission Analytics Independent Verified Results

Jaguar XF 2.0 Diesel
Engine:2000cc EURO 6
CO:25.3% reduction (combined)
NOx:26.9% reduction
PN:80% reduction
MPG:7% improvement
Emissions Analytics

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ezero1 - On Demand Fuel Additive System

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