• FleetPoint


    With over 100,000 cars per month failing their MoT on emissions alone, CGON is providing training in MoT centres across the UK to install their flagship product, the ezero1, which can reduce emissions by up to 80% when measured on a MoT test using VOSA standards.

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  • Bude and Beyond - Be Local


    Sponsored by CGON, the Driving Innovation masterclass is aimed at businesses in Cornwall and the wider south-west … all those with an interest in lowering vehicle fleet emissions with the information they need to make the right choices.

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  • Free masterclass for Cornish vehicle fleet operators who want to cut emissions and fuel costs - Cornwall Council


    “[CGON box] It’s good for our air quality, and it also makes good business sense as it can cut fuel costs significantly. This masterclass is the perfect way for fleet operators to find out more about the technologies that are currently available and take the first steps towards a cleaner and greener 2018.

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    British manufacturer CGON launched new hydrogen additive technology that can reportedly reduce engine emissions by as much as 80% and offer up to a 20% improvement in fuel efficiency in vehicles.

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  • WeChangers | CGON


    It’s the technology the world has been waiting for, and with so many possible applications, the benefits are clear – not just for the environment, but also for your bottom line.

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  • CGON Fuel Enhancement Technology | Garej Arwyn's Garage


    If your vehicle suffers from a regularly clogged DPF, installing an Ezero1 (suitable for all cars and vans) unit will not only clean your existing DPF, it will keep it clean!

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