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    By adding a small amount of the hydrogen produced by the patented technology in CGON’s units, combustion is enhanced when hydrogen atoms migrate between the fuel molecules. This means that nearly all of the fuel is burnt and fewer emissions or particulates are expelled into the air.

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  • Vehicle emissions cut 70% with hydrogen additive technology | IT Fleet Automotive


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  • Cherish your old banger


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    The use of hydrogen additives to increase combustion efficiency, significantly reduce emissions of exhaust gas and particulates, fuel performance can also have a significant increase of 20%, and not only diesel, gasoline, even the use of natural gas as a fuel source of the vehicle is also applicable.

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  • FluxEnergie


    Depending on the type of car, emissions of exhaust fumes could drop by eighty percent and gas use could be reduced by twenty percent. For example, the emissions of nitrogen dioxide would decrease by more than fifty percent, Emissions Analytics calculated that cars tested with the device on the road.

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