CGON produce 3 different variants of the ezero range, each with different applications in mind, from the ezero1 aimed at smaller engines, the ezeroH1 targeted at larger vehicles such as small coaches and light goods vehicles in the 7.5 tonne range, all the way up to our ezeroH2 model for the HGV and bus market.

Each system comprises a tank with internal electronics control and a separate driver notification unit that keeps a check on the cell’s performance. The size of unit required depends on the amount of hydrogen required for the application.

Cgon ezero1
Cgon ezero1


Suitable for all cars and

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Cgon ezero1


Light commercial vehicles engine sizes
up to 6 litres.

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Cgon ezero2


Engines above 7 litres, HGV's and industrial applications.

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ezero diagram
CGON fob

A smart and compact wireless device monitors your system. With just the push of a button, it will connect and inform you of your system’s operational status. Easy to use, easy to monitor.

CGON electrolyte solution

The only maintenance required for the unit, is to top up with CGON’s electrolyte solution when indicated on the wireless device. Each top up costs £8.40.


How we fit it

CGON Pre-testing

1. Test Emissions

Before we fit the ezero1, our installer will check your vehicle VOSA (MOT) emissions to establish a baseline prior to fitting the unit.

CGON unit fitting

2. Fit Unit

The installer will then mount the unit to the vehicle and attach the tubing and the sophisticated electronics.

CGON test

3. Tune & Test

The installer will re-test VOSA (MOT) emissions and optimise the amount of hydrogen being produced for your vehicle.

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