Emission Results

The proof of our solution is not only in the testing completed using PEMS equipment but in the thousands of VOSA (MOT) emissions tests carried out every day in the real world, with real drivers using a VOSA test machine. This is what is used for the MoT test we are all familiar with.


Vosa Testing

Since we perform a before and after VOSA (MOT) emissions test at every installation, we have gathered hundreds of before and after readings - a small handful of these are shown below.

MOT Have a look at the before and after test we did on this VW Golf!

Diesel Engine Diesel Engine

Vehicle Details
Make Renault
Model Traffic
Engine Size 2000cc
Year Of Registration 2007
Smoke Test Before 0.97
Smoke Test With ezero1 Fitted 0.32
Improvement % 67.01%

Petrol Engine Petrol Engine

Vehicle Details
Make Vauxhall
Model Zafira CDTi
Engine Size 1900cc
Year Of Registration 2001
Smoke Test Before 1.57
Smoke Test With ezero1 Fitted 0.27
Improvement % 33%

Independent Testing

One of our recent tests on the track at Bruntingthorpe with independent testers emissions Analytics.

Our Nissan Qashqai 1.6 diesel was fitted with a PEMS (Portable emissions Measuring System) where the composition of gases such as ssionsand CO are measured.

Urban Drive Cycle

Test CO NOx PN
Before 0.156 1.964 0.025
After 0.102 1.023 0.002
Reduction 34.9% 47.9% 91.3%

Emissions Explained

This is a global problem and governments around the world are continuously pursuing policies to reduce CO2 emissions.

is hazardous to health; it reduces the ability of blood to carry oxygen, cause of headaches, respiratory problems and at high concentration; death.

and from the nozzle at point of filling up. HCs reacts with Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx) in sunlight which produces photochemical oxidants and low level Ozone, causing breathing problems and increased symptoms in those with asthma.

HCs reacts with NOx in sunlight which produces low level OZone; this can cause inflammation of the airways reduced lung function which can trigger asthma and can contribute to the formation of Particulate Matter (PM).

The molecules are formed by the reaction to the other pollutant gases. PMs are small particles that make their way in to deep tissue causing respiratory and cardiovascular complaints.

PNs are molecules that are so small they can only be seen under a powerful microscope. The molecules make their way into the body through the skin causing; irregular heartbeats, nonfatal heart attacks, decreased lung function and increased respiratory symptoms and even premature death in some cases. The ezero1 has been proven to reduce these harmful emissions. Vehicles of all ages have been tested both on and off road; the results are outstanding!

Based on the VOSA MOT Approved emissions test

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