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Take a look at what people have said after having a unit installed:

Drive-In, Aylesbury

“I recently decided to become an installer of the CGON’s ezero1 despite being slightly sceptical about how much fuel it would save. Anyway, I fitted one to my Nissan Murano 3.5 litre V6 as I’ve had it from new, do regular journeys to The Isle of Wight, and know what to expect. I have just returned from my trip absolutely delighted – I got around a 30% fuel saving! So all positive from me – I’ll be recommending it to all my customers for sure.”

Craig Wiltshire - Drive-In, Aylesbury

Imran Akram

“The team at CGON are nothing but absolutely brilliant.
There is always someone at hand to answer any question. Be it a question about the product or anything to do with legislation.
The product is something that works and is not a gimmick. We have had three units fitted in our cabs which took two hours to fit, and within five minutes, the product reduced our vehicles emissions by over 70% and I am sure over time, as the unit cleans the engine the reduction will increase.
So if it is emission reduction, fuel savings or both this products ticks all the boxes whilst being affordable at the same time.”

Imran Akram
Secretary on behalf of TOA Taxis, Birmingham

Martin Green

“I fitted the ezero1 unit to my 2008 Nissan Navara and it gave me a smoother tick over, straight away.
Emissions were down instantly by 60% plus. On average my MPG before was 22 MPG which has increased to 30.4 MPG. No engine adjustment. 38% improvement so far!
The engine is running as smooth as silk. Happy to chat to any skeptic, this is unbelievable! With my normal fuel bill, the ezero1 will pay for itself in fuel alone within 8 months, assuming fuel prices stay the same.
Just brilliant. Rating 5 stars."

Martin Green, Shepperton

Jason Channen

“I had your ezero1 fitted to my Vauxhall Zafira 1.7cdti to reduce my carbon footprint and enhance my fuel efficiency. At first I had a smoother tick over and a quieter sounding motor. I put it to the test and after 2 or 3 days I really started to notice a decrease in my fuel bill, I was averaging 29-30mpg around town, with the cell installed my vehicle is returning a healthy 38mpg, a 26% improvement! I have also seen a huge reduction on my emissions of 76% and my vehicle no longer smokes on pull away. It’s improved my car 10 fold!”
Really awesome piece of kit 10/10."

Jason Channen, Exeter

United Roofing Products

“Having recently extended our plant in Cullompton, the added internal activity from our diesel forklifts and change in airflow through the building presented us with a concern about emissions from the trucks.

CGON suggested we trialled their ezero commercial product on our oldest forklift truck in an attempt to reduce the problem. The forklift truck is 20 years old, has a 7 ton lift capacity and the exhaust blew thick and black. CGON installed the unit in a couple of hours and the forklift truck immediately ran almost completely clear.

Emissions tests on the day showed a 30% reduction in particulates and after a week this was down by 40%. The theory is it'll continue to improve as the engine cleans.

Needless to say I have ordered a unit for each of the forklift trucks in my fleet, these have now been installed and we are pleased to state we have reductions of up 67.54%. All our staff are delighted with the new clean working environment.”

Ben Dominy
Director, United Roofing Products

LCS Transport

“We had the ezeroH1 unit fitted to our 31 tonne DAF CF85 and careful analysis has shown an increase in MPG of 7.6%. On top of this, the driver has reported a transformation of the vehicle’s performance and says that the vehicle drives much smoother and has more power.”

R J Channing
Transport Manager, LCS Transport

Darren Smyth

“I bought my Range Rover Sport diesel a while ago and was thinking of having a CGON unit fitted, I am currently an MOT tester and a college lecturer for MOT training and Hybrid/electric vehicle technology. After having the unit fitted I was astonished at the drop in exhaust emissions, over 40% straight away, after running the car for a couple of weeks i checked the emissions once more on an MOT calibrated smoke meter and it was even better. I can easily supply printouts of the readouts I am currently running a particulate output of 0.03 which has dropped from 0.29, the vehicle was originally producing 0.49 the MOT limits allowing 1.5 MPG results are better as well on the motorway I am returning 38mpg and 24-26 around the town. The engine is running smoother, with better torque and throttle response, Many thanks to Brian and the guys at CGON, this system works, simple as that. If anyone wants any more information I'd be happy to talk to them.”

Darren Smyth
Exeter college lecturer

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