The ezeroH1 - Reduces HGV Emissions

CGON have achieved some outstanding results with the ezeroH1 system fitted to HGV units. We have tested our system on variety of HGV vehicles over many different manufacturers. We have covered more than 2 million miles of testing. We on average achieve between 3.5 – 7.5% fuel savings for our customers as well as a adblue saving of between 25- 50%.

The ezeroH1 produces small amounts of hydrogen on demand whilst you're driving. The hydrogen is fed into the air intake of your vehicles engine where it mixes with the petrol or diesel and creates a cooler more efficient burn.

It's best to regard the ezeroH1 as a fuel additive system, the additive being small amounts of very pure, very powerful hydrogen. The benefits of this small amount of hydrogen added during the combustion cycle is threefold.

It has been trialled with one of the largest household names in the haulage and distribution industry and has completed 2 million miles of testing so far and is currently on trial with several other major companies with a view to fitting their fleets to reduce their carbon footprint while saving considerable costs on fuel.

ezeroH1 Installation

Our Clients

Evans Transport

"Firstly unsure of concept but after seeing result in first two months of testing we are pleased to see approx 6% increase in fuel economy."

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