The ezero1 - Reduces Emissions

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ezero1 - On Demand Fuel Additive System

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How it works

By adding a small amount of the hydrogen produced by the patented technology in CGON’s units, combustion is enhanced when hydrogen atoms migrate between the fuel molecules. This means that nearly all of the fuel is burnt and fewer emissions or particulates are expelled into the air.

Produce Hydrogen

The box creates a small amount of very pure, very powerful hydrogen from our electrolyte solution.
Hydrogen, Fuel, Air Mixture

Hydrogen is sucked into the engine through the air intake, along with your regular fuel/air mixture.
Burn Hydrogen, fuel and air

The resulting Hydrogen-Fuel-Air mixture burns faster and more completely than your ordinary fuel-air mixture.
Reduce Emissions

Nearly all the particulates and polluting gases are burnt off, reducing emissions.

How we fit it


1. Test Emissions

Before we fit the ezero1, our installer will check your vehicle emissions to establish a baseline prior to fitting the unit.


2. Fit Unit

The installer will then mount the unit to the vehicle and attach the tubing and the sophisticated electronics.

Post testing

3. Tune & Test

After checking the system is completely functional, the installer will re-test emissions and optimise the amount of hydrogen being produced for your vehicle.

Why it works

Once tuned the unit provides just enough hydrogen to generate an efficient combustion phase, burn all the fuel, rather than just a part of it and subsequently you get more power from fuel you actually use.

Technical Specifications

Type Hydrogen on Demand Fuel Cell
Material Injection Moulded Plastic
Colour Black
Compatibility Petrol or Diesel Internal Combustion Engines
Dimensions 210 x 195 x 65mm (H x W x D)
Power requirements 1.5 - 4 amps
Power Indicator Dash mounted LED (optional)
Box Contents ezero1 cell
control box
rubber tubing
1 litre of water solution
owners manual
Manufacturers Guarantee 1 year (5 years if serviced yearly by an approved installer)
Country of Manufacture Great Britain

No ECU Adjustment

Here at CGON we do not adjust the vehicle's ECU (Electronic Control Unit). It has been found that if you edit ECU software it will increase emission levels. This was found during many hours of R&D and emissions testing. The by-product of lower engine emissions is increased fuel efficiency.

100% Recyclable

The ezero1 is 100% recyclable – the body is designed to be fully reused and since the precious metals do not degrade, they are fully reclaimable. Even the supply packaging is 100% recyclable.

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