• Common Questions

You may have an early unit with a faulty sensor – please complete the form below and we will check and swap this out for you at no extra charge.

This is nothing to worry about, this just means that your wireless signal has dropped. It could be due to engine interference etc. Please complete the form below and we will arrange for it to be checked for you.

Nothing – this is just the engine getting cleaner and shows that the unit is burning off the carbon built up in your engine and is a by-product of the engine getting cleaner over time.

How are you measuring this? A quick way to tell is to fill up your fuel tank with the box switched off (to do this please remove the fuse in the fuse link next to the battery) and make a note of the range. Re-insert the fuse, drive for 15-20 miles and you’ll see the range go up. When you next come to fill up you will see a much greater range. If you are still not seeing a saving, your box may not have been set up correctly - please complete the form below and we will check the unit has been installed correctly.

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