Most Popular Used Car Parts

When attempting to repair a vehicle, it's often challenging to find quality auto parts for a low price. Some people opt for used auto parts. Theseparts can come from auto salvage yards, auto recyclers, auto wreckers, and junk yards.

Most Popular Used Car Parts

Buying used car parts can save a lot of money. Many people look online for them, but it's also good to check with a mechanic before and after to make sure your getting an auto part that’s of good quality and value. The following is a list of the most popular used auto parts. 


Mirrors are a significant part of driver safety because drivers use them to safely survey. They look at them to check for approaching traffic before they make a decision. In many instances, broken side-view mirrors are easy to replace. According to The Family Handyman website, tools like a panel remover level, trim pad remover, hooked pick, Christmas tree retainer clips, and the correct factory paint color code retrieved from an auto parts store make the replacement an affordable Do-It-Yourself project.


Sometimes insurance companies advise having a bumper repaired rather than purchasing a new expensive bumper, but repairing one calls for certain level of expertise. This includes frame straightening, steel welding, panel beating. Simply purchasing a used part cuts down on excessive labor costs, repair materials, and the expense of the bumper. 

Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels can upgrade the car’s appearance, and purchasing used alloy wheels has become a trendy way to get sleek look for less. The key is to decipher the real from the fake, examining the quality paint finish, looking for the part numbers, and checking for buckles, damages and cracks.

Side window glass

Finding new glass, especially for luxury vehicles, is often expensive. The glass can also be difficult to find. A glass-specialist can provide brand-new parts, but used glass offers a significant savings, and it’s possible to find used side window glass from common vehicles at a deep discount. Replacing a side window is also another Do-It-Yourself project that can help keep money in a wallet.


Car hoods are important because they prevent engine parts from getting damaged by various weather conditions, they reduce the engine noise, and they help the car’s appearance. Hoods are often replaced when there’s a major crash or if it rusts. Purchasing a new hood can be expensive. Aftermarket hoods don’t necessarily ensure proper fit. Used car hoods provide an economical alternative because they cost a third of the amount of a brand new one and since they come off the same vehicle as the buyers, it can easily replace the damaged hood.


Vehicle doors are replaced either due to an accident or because it’s just old. Replacing a door isn’t a simple procedure. The car owner may to change some parts as well as apply paint. However, it can be a less costly. The paint, used door, and labor may incur a cost between as much as $800; however if you purchased a new door you could pay more than $1,000, according to the iSeeCar website.

How to Buy Used Parts

Purchasing new parts may cause a car owner to forfeit a substantial amount of money. Also, repair prices often change depending on where the owner lives and the type of make and model of a vehicle. Consider selecting used auto parts on eBay. Simply type used car parts in the search engine. The new webpage will feature an area called “Find parts for your automobile” select the vehicle, make, model, year, trim, and engine and then click.